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Career Workshops

Transform your career


Career workshops empower business students and professionals to become the 'CEO of Me', in order to reflect and act on their own career development, in 5 transformational steps:

  1. Aspire: define your mission

  2. Assess: distil your brand

  3. Architect: address your market

  4. Act: master your interview

  5. Advance: sharpen your production system

The career development workshops give participants methods and focus to prepare and implement their next career step. The workshops build upon the experience of hundreds of actual interviews, coaching sessions and career workshops over the last 15 years. Participants learn best practice methodologies and frameworks, put them into practice with different types of exercises, and receive feedback from coach and peers.


  1. Reflect on what is your ‘Dream Job’ and how to maximize your chances of getting it

  2. Practice simple and structured methodologies on actual case and experience interview questions

  3. Commit to action in order to apply what you learnt

The detailed list of workshops and content is available upon request.

Career Workshops: Service
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