Antimo Di Donato: empowering sustainable growth

mieQuotient draws on the expertise of the founder Antimo Di Donato and that of a network of like-minded professional coaches and facilitators.

Antimo has been supporting students and professionals since he was a teenager giving private lessons back in the 1990s. Since then his passion to empower others has taken many forms: teaching the best interviews techniques, coaching colleagues and individuals, facilitating workshops and learning events. During and after his INSEAD MBA in 2010, these experiences have complemented his work as a consultant at McKinsey and as a general manager at Zurich Insurance.

Antimo has ‘cracked’ hundreds of interviews for the last 10 years as interviewee, interviewer and trainer/coach. Antimo uses case and experience interviews to recruit senior professionals. Antimo facilitates learning and development events for managers, employees and students. These events are sometimes complementary to his work as transformation leader to empower a performance step change in organisations.

Antimo obtained the Certification for Corporate Coaching in 2015 and he is currently obtaining the Imago Professional Facilitator certification. In his free time Antimo recharges his energy tanks with family, meditation and sport. He is also somehow addicted to learning new languages, hence you can talk and work in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.