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Excellence requires a shift on several dimensions. Individuals, teams and organizations can proactively drive their performance improvement along the three 'Quotients' which underpin our success:

  • mQ: meaning Quotient (why?) Awareness and alignment of purpose, values, strengths, drivers.

  • iQ: intellect Quotient (what?) Intellectual capabilities to reason, verbalize, quantify, learn and apply knowledge.

  • eQ: emotion Quotient (how?) Individual and social skills to be self-aware, empathize, self-regulate and build trust-based relationships.

Our services empower individuals, teams and organizations to achieve a three-fold shift which is substantial and sustainable.

Each intervention is supported by diagnostic tools to measure the initial MIE Quotient for the individal, team or unit and to measure progress along the journey, which is structured along the 5 Frames of performance transformation (see also Keller and Price, Beyond Performance): 

  1. Aspire: where do we want to go?

  2. Assess: how ready are we to go there?

  3. Architect: what do we need to do to get there?

  4. Act: how do we manage the journey?

  5. Advance: how do we keep moving forward?

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